Recipe: Appetizing Nacho quesadillas and queso covered Spanish rice

Nacho quesadillas and queso covered Spanish rice. Nachos + tacos + quesadillas, oh my! Check out our full food menu. Triple Crown Sampler - Our top three dips: guacamole, fire-roasted salsa, and queso dip served with fresh Queso Dip (means cheese in Spanish) - Melted Mexican cheese with garlic and crushed green.

Nacho quesadillas and queso covered Spanish rice A crispy flour tortilla bowl filled with,rice,fajita shirm, topped wit lettuce,sour cream ,guacamole, pico de gallo and Chile relleno , burrito, steak or grill chicken quesadillas with rice. Queso Quesadilla originated in the state of Sinaloa in Northwestern Mexico and areas of what is now known as Texas. The rich, melting cheese is said to have made traditional tortilla turnovers famous and inspired their name, "quesadillas." Flavor Profile. You can cook Nacho quesadillas and queso covered Spanish rice using 7 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Nacho quesadillas and queso covered Spanish rice

  1. Prepare of Flour tortillas.
  2. It's of Ground beef or chicken.
  3. You need of Shredded Mexican cheese.
  4. You need of Crushed doritos.
  5. It's of Queso dip or Fritos jalapeño cheese dip.
  6. It's of Sour cream, salsa and lettuce optional.
  7. It's 1 packet of Spanish rice mix.

Whatever you call it, we've got the best Spanish Rice Recipe you can find. It tastes like it came straight from the restaurant! The quesadilla has its origins in colonial Mexico. The quesadilla as a food has changed and evolved over many years as people experimented with different The quesadilla is a regional favorite in the southwestern U.

Nacho quesadillas and queso covered Spanish rice step by step

  1. Cook ground beef or chicken and shred and mix with taco seasoning.
  2. Layer shredded cheese, meat and crushed chips on tortilla and top with nacho cheese or queso sprinkle with more shredded cheese and top with another tortilla.
  3. Place in skillet on low heat until lightly browned (about 3 minutes) flip and brown the other side.
  4. Prepare rice as directed and top with queso.
  5. You can serve with salsa, sour cream, guacamole and shredded lettuce if desired.

S. where it is similar to a 'grilled cheese sandwich'. One cheese quesadilla and Spanish rice (Lunch). Nacho Supreme (Dinner) Nachos with beef, chicken, cheese and beans. Topped with lettuce, sour cream, Pico de Gallo and jalapenos. Covered with melted cheese and served with Spanish rice and refried beans.